Since the RoboCup German Open 2022 once again did not happen due to the COVID-19 situation, an alternative was planned.

The successfull German Open Replacement Event went into a second round for 2022, this time at the Hamburg Handelskammer from the 12.04. - 17.04.

There were 5 vs 5 SPL (Standard Platform League) physical games as well as livestreams of the Humanoid League Virtual Season 2021/22 finals. Due to the situation, the event even had two teams participating in a remote fashion. Meaning that the team’s software was applied to the robots at the venue, but the human members stayed at home.

We greatly want to thank everyone involved for the great time, the organizational help and a beautiful display of the pleasures of science/engineering all around! Without all of you this event would not have been possible. Thank you!

Have a look at our gallery for some impressions of the event.


Ranking of all the SPL Teams

RankingTeamsPointsBHZGoal DifferenceSummed Score
2HTWK Robots13692940:11
6Nao Devils654-115:16

For a more in depth view of the different games played and their individual results you can have a look at the whole timetable.

The Humanoid League Virtual Season 2021/22 results are available on a dedicated page.


Participating teams in GORE

HULKsSPLHamburg (Germany)presence
NaoDevilsSPLDortmund (Germany)presence
B-HumanSPLBremen (Germany)presence
HTWK RobotsSPLLeipzig (Germany)presence
R-ZWEI KICKERSSPLKaiserslautern (Germany)presence
BembelbotsSPLFrankfurt (Germany)presence/hybrid
SPQRSPLRome (Italy)hybrid/remote
rUNSWiftSPLSydney (Australia)remote
RoboEireannSPLMaynooth (Ireland)remote
Bit-BotsHumanoidHamburg (Germany)presence


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